why do dogs eat their own vomit

Why Do Dogs Eat Their Vomit? How To Stop Them From Eating it?

Dogs eat their own vomit because it’s an innate behavior they acquired from their moms as puppies.  As they wean off their mother’s milk, it is common for them to transition to having food that is regurgitated from their mom as an easier adaptation than going directly to solid food.  So Why Do Dogs Eat … Read more

can dogs eat cake

Can Dogs Eat Cake? Here Are The Risks !

The answer is no. Even if it’s not formally toxic for the dog the ingredients are not friendly to their overall well-being.  Cakes that are specifically made for canines are a safe choice for an occasional or celebratory time, and even then, keep the portions small. With all the different flavors, icings, and toppings, there … Read more