Can Dogs Eat Cucumbers? Are They Safe?

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can dogs eat cucumbers

Yes, dogs can eat cucumbers. Cucumber is a low-calorie food safe for dogs to eat. They are delicious, watery, and crunchy that most dogs love. However, it’s a general rule to serve this fruit in moderation.

Taking this into account, the question is – can dogs eat cucumbers? Below we will answer the most common questions.

Can Dogs Eat Cucumbers?

Since cucumber is crunchy like biscuits, your pooch may love them so much that he will eat too many. This may lead to choking or overeating.

Just like some dog treats, it may also result in an upset belly which we don’t like to happen to him.

But overall, cucumbers are good for dogs. On summer days, they can hydrate your pooch because of its high water content. Its juicy texture is a healthy alternative for treats.

Is cucumber safe for dogs?

So, dogs can eat cucumbers, but is this safe? The short answer is – absolutely! Cucumber is basically a fruit. It came from a family of squash, melons, and zucchini which are equally healthy.

Cucumbers contain 8 calories per half-cup. It is very low in fat and sodium, unlike the Milk-Bone biscuit that we usually feed our dogs which contain 40 calories.

That said, cucumbers are truly a fascinating snack with no risk of dehydration and sodium poisoning.

However, cucumbers possess two potential health risks: choking and overeating.

Consuming too many cucumbers will not cause serious health problems but it may lead to gastrointestinal problems. This usually occurs during the first time your dog eats cucumbers.

Meanwhile, cucumbers may not be safe for puppies. I remember my pup suffering from an upset stomach after eating cucumbers for the first time.

Therefore, I conclude that nothing will beat water or milk from the mother dog as a source of hydration for puppies.

How much cucumber is advisable for dogs?

Veterinarians usually follow the 10% rule in feeding dogs with cucumbers. This rule suggests that cucumbers should not exceed more than 10% of your dog’s overall diet.

Cucumbers should be considered as a treat and not as a substitute for a meal. Read our article on How Much Should I Feed My Dog to learn more about the 10% rule and how much food is too much for your dogs.

Moreover, serving cucumbers vary based on the size of your dog. If he is a small breed, serve him half-moon slices. However, if your pet is a large breed, he can eat a bigger spear.

This means that you can serve your cute Papillon with a tiny spear on one hot summer day.

While your Siberian Husky may get a big scoop of this delicious fruit. But as a low-calorie snack, you can share a cucumber salad you make or put them as toppings on their regular dinner.

If you’re skeptical of the rules, you can keep cucumbers as treats. Just serve him small slices because cucumbers can be a choking hazard.

If cucumber is a new food for him, introduce the fruit slowly and watch out for any possible adverse reactions.

Are there any dog breeds that are not allowed to eat cucumbers?

Good news for you because none. Whatever the size or breed of your canine friend, cucumber may become his paw-some treat. It is very healthy and the chances that he may suffer allergies are relatively slim.

Don’t be overconfident though. All dogs have individual food sensitivities. So it may happen that some dogs, including your pooch, may have health reactions after eating cucumber. 

However, just in case the rare chance of allergies happens, don’t allow your dog to eat cucumber anymore. Talk to your vet for any signs of adverse reactions.

Health Nutrients of Cucumbers

Cucumbers like any other fruits contain high nutritional value. For this reason, I include cucumbers in my pet’s diet. So long as they are not served as pickles, cucumber is a healthy snack for your favorite.

Let’s take a look at some health benefits of cucumbers that you can expect your dogs to have.

  • Low-calorie

Cucumbers are 96% water. That’s what makes this fruit a good hydrating treat. As such, this fruit is advisable if your pets don’t seem to drink enough water. It is also a perfect weight-loss regimen for obese dogs.

  • More vitamins 

Cucumbers contain vitamins C, K, B1, and B5. Vitamin C is responsible for a healthy immune system. It fights cancer, reduces inflammation, and is anti-aging. Vitamin K, however, will help improve your pet’s bone health.

Moreover, B1 and B5 are excellent for the nervous system. It regulates carbohydrate metabolism, red blood cells, and energy production. 

  • Lots of minerals

Cucumbers offer mineral nutrients such as Potassium, Manganese, Iron, Zinc, and Calcium. All these nutrients support the digestive and immune systems. It is efficient for the heart and muscles. It keeps the bones and kidneys healthy.

  • Fiber

Cucumber is a good source of soluble fiber. If your dog has a sensitive stomach, this fruit will not disappoint. Soluble fiber will help food movements in the digestive tract. 

Moreover, studies[1] have shown that high-fiber food promotes long life for dogs. It provides glycaemic control which is perfect for dogs with diabetes.

  • Photonutrients and Phytochemicals

Bad breath is common to dogs. This is because of the food they eat or pet owners find it hard to brush the teeth of their dogs. However, these nutrients will solve his bad breath problems. 

While cucumber is not a substitute for brushing teeth, it can help your pet’s stinky breath. This will eliminate the bad odor-producing bacteria[2] in his mouth. 

Ways to properly serve cucumber for dogs

Now that you’re aware of some health benefits of cucumbers to your beloved pet, let’s figure out how you can properly serve this delicious treat.

Wash the cucumber thoroughly

Cucumbers may have pesticides that are harmful to dogs. As such, make sure to wash the fruit properly before you feed him. Rinse it thoroughly with water to remove the germs that may be present. 

Select organic cucumbers

If possible, choose organic cucumbers. Non-organic ones contain a lot of pesticides. This will not only be problematic to your dog’s health but for everyone who will eat them.

Serve it in small pieces

Small pieces of cucumber are a lot safer for your dog. This will ensure you that the fruit will not be a choking hazard. Tiny slices can also be an excellent teething treat for puppies.

Don’t put seasoning!

Some spices are a threat to your dog’s health. It is advisable to not consider putting any seasoning when preparing for his cucumber meal. Keep the recipe whole and simple.

Make it a special treat

Don’t ever consider feeding your dog with cucumber the whole day. However, if you think it’s his favorite, you can make this fruit as a training treat. Cut the cucumber into tiny pieces and make it their incentive when learning a new trick.

Can dogs eat raw cucumbers?

raw cucumbers

The good thing about cucumbers is that they are affordable and easy to prepare. It’s up to you as fur-parent to serve him raw or cooked.

However, I prefer my pooch to eat raw cucumbers. It is crunchy, which he loves the most, and full of nutritional content.

While I agree that nutrients are enhanced by some cooking procedures, other important nutrients are usually diminished. So I recommend serving him raw in tiny slices.

Can dogs eat the skin of cucumbers?

cucumber skin

Like most veggies and fruits, the skin contains the most nutrients. However, this is one of the culprits for digestive problems. If you are to serve him with skin, make sure to slice the fruit as thin as possible.

Although some dogs don’t have bodily reactions with skin and seeds, it won’t hurt to be a cautious fur parent.

Can dogs eat the seeds of cucumbers?

Cucumber seeds will not hurt our dear pet in any way. It’s true that some seeds are toxic for dogs, but there’s nothing to worry about with cucumber seeds. They are just as healthy as the rest of the fruit.

Can dogs eat pickled cucumbers?

pickled cucumbers

If pickled cucumbers are usually served at your table, you may be tempted to feed your dog with them. However, it is not advisable to do so. Pickled cucumbers contain a lot of spices and sodium that aren’t safe for dogs.

Indeed, fermented cucumbers are not poisonous, but they can never be a great dog treat. Since it contains too much salt, this may cause hypernatremia or sodium poisoning.

These conditions are dangerous because they may lead to diarrhea, vomiting, dehydration, and worse, seizure.

The Bottom Line

To wrap up, dogs can eat cucumbers. It is a healthy low-fat food not only for our dogs but for us, fur parents. It is a paw-fect tasty treat but always take note to serve it in moderation.

Remember that the usual advice for other food applies to cucumbers.

Serve it clean, in small pieces, and take away the stuff that is difficult to digest. In this way, you can ensure the right diet for your pooch.

But nothing beats consulting the vet concerning your dog’s diet. Once you secure the green light, sure the healthiest and happiest version of your loving pet is guaranteed!

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