10 Best Dog Food For Chihuahuas 

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best dog food for chihuahuas

This is our review of the best dog food for Chihuahuas.

We have carried out extensive research to guide you to choose the best dog food for Chihuahuas.

Our research concluded that Merrick Limited Ingredient Diet Grain-Free Dry Dog Food is the best overall dog food for Chihuahuas as it contains Glucosamine and Chondroitin for joint health.

Different life stages of Chihuahuas have unique needs. Therefore, we have included reviews of the best brands for every stage.

10 Best Dog Food For Chihuahuas Reviewed

  1. ORIJEN Puppy Grain-Free Dry Puppy Food (Best for Puppy Chihuahuas)
  2. Blue Buffalo Carnivora Woodland Blend Grain-Free (Best for Senior Chihuahuas)
  3. Wellness Small Breed Complete Health Adult Turkey & Oatmeal Recipe (Best for Adult Chihuahuas)
  4. Rachael Ray Nutrish Lamb Meal & Brown Rice Recipe (Best Budget Food for Chihuahuas)
  5. Stella & Chewy’s Chicken Dinner Patties Freeze-Dried Raw Dog Food (Best Raw Food for Chihuahuas)
  6. Wellness Petite Entrees Mini-Filets with Roasted Chicken (Best for Grain Allergies)
  7. Zignature Duck Limited Ingredient Formula Grain-Free (Best Canned Food for Chihuahuas)
  8. Royal Canin Chihuahua Puppy Dry Food (Best Dry Food for Chihuahuas)
  9. Hill’s Science Diet Adult Healthy Mobility Small Bites (Best Mobility Food for Chihuahuas)
  10. Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula Healthy Weight Adult Chicken (Best Food for Weight Management)

Our Best Dog Food For Chihuahuas

ORIJEN Puppy Grain-Free Dry Puppy Food

orijen puppy grain free

First 5 ingredients: Deboned Chicken, Deboned Turkey, Turkey Giblets, Flounder, Whole Mackerel

Key feature: Deboned Chicken is the first  ingredient

Guaranteed Analysis: 38% Crude Protein, 20% Crude Fat, 6% Crude Fiber, 12% Moisture

Caloric Content: 449 Kcal/cup

Type of Product: Grain-free

Life Stage: Puppies

Best for:  Chihuahua Puppies

This puppy food provides premium nourishment for your pup. It contains animal ingredients that boost the development of lean muscles.

In addition, this diet is made from natural grain-free ingredients, thus lowering the risks of allergic reactions.


  • Poultry and fish provide quality proteins for muscle mass development
  • Grain-free hence safe for puppies with grain sensitivities
  • Freeze-dried for a raw, delicious taste

Blue Buffalo Carnivora Woodland Blend Grain-Free Senior Wet Dog Food

blue buffalo carnivora

First 5 ingredients: Chicken, Turkey Broth, Turkey, Chicken Liver, Turkey Liver

Key feature: Quality protein mimicking wild dog food

Guaranteed Analysis: 10.5% Crude Protein, 6% Crude Fat, 1.5% Crude Fiber, 78% Moisture

Caloric Content: 452 Kcal/can

Type of Product: No Grains, No Potato

Life Stage: Senior

Best for: Chihuahua with food allergies

This premium food is crafted with the nutritional needs of your senior Chihuahua in mind. It has high protein levels from fresh chicken and turkey. 

In addition, this wet food is packed with essential vitamins and nutrients that boost growth.


  • Grain-free with no potatoes hence an excellent choice for seniors with grain allergies
  • Quality protein for repair of your aging dog’s muscles
  • It has a high percentage of animal ingredients, thus mimicking wild food

Wellness Small Breed Complete Health Adult Turkey & Oatmeal Recipe

wellness small breed

First 5 ingredients: Deboned Turkey, Chicken Meal, Salmon Meal, Oatmeal, Ground Brown Rice

Key feature: Premium protein crafted for adult dogs

Guaranteed Analysis: 28% Crude Protein, 11% Crude Fat, % Crude Fiber, 11% Moisture

Caloric Content: 408 Kcal/cup

Type of Product: No soy, No corn, No wheat

Life Stage: Adults

Best for: Extra small and small breed adults

It is scientifically crafted for the overall health of your adult Chihuahua. It is rich in protein, wholesome grains, antioxidants, taurine, and probiotics that work together to give you a healthy puppy.


  • Omega 3 fatty acids for gut health
  • Has taurine for cardiovascular health
  • Quality protein for muscle repair and maintenance
  • Easy to chew and digest as it comes in small bite-size kibbles

Rachael Ray Nutrish Lamb Meal & Brown Rice Recipe

rachael ray nutris lamb

First 5 ingredients: Lamb Meal, Brown Rice, Ground Rice, Dried plain Beet Pulp, Chicken Fat

Key feature: High-quality protein for growth

Guaranteed Analysis: 20% Crude Protein, 13% Crude Fat, 4% Crude Fiber, 10% Moisture

Caloric Content: 321 Kcal/cup

Type of Product: Limited ingredient, Gluten-free

Life Stage: Adults

Best for: Chihuahua with tummy sensitivities

This food is highly nutritious as it contains lamb as the first ingredient with a combination of essential vitamins, taurine, and minerals for the overall growth of your dog.

It is tailor-made for adult Chihuahuas with food allergies as it contains no wheat, grain, corn, soy, artificial flavors, or colors.


  • Quality protein promotes healthy muscle development.
  • Formulated from six ingredients only hence lowering the risks of allergic reactions
  • Contain no Grain, wheat, or corn,  hence suitable for dogs with sensitive tummies

Stella & Chewy’s Chicken Dinner Patties Freeze-Dried Raw Dog Food

stella & chewy chicken dinner

First 5 ingredients: Chicken with Ground Bone, Chicken Liver, Chicken Gizzard, Pumpkin Seeds, Organic Cranberries

Key feature: Free-cage chicken and 100% organic fruits

Guaranteed Analysis: 48% Crude Protein, 28% Crude Fat, 5% Crude Fiber, 5% Moisture

Caloric Content: 50 Kcal/patty

Type of Product: No grain, No gluten, No fillers

Life Stage:  Adults

Best for All breeds, including Chihuahua

This 100% natural diet mimics wild dog food, making it attractive to your dog’s wild instincts.

It has chicken as the first ingredient with a combination of fruits and vegetables that ensure your dog gets the necessary nutrients for healthy growth.


  • It has no grains or artificial preservatives hence safe for dogs with sensitive stomachs.
  • Probiotics are essential for bowel health.
  • Organic fruits and vegetables protect from infections

Wellness Petite Entrees Mini-Filets with Roasted Chicken

wellness complete health

First 5 ingredients: Chicken Broth, Water, Chicken, Beef, Potato Starch

Key feature: High water content for hydration 

Guaranteed Analysis:8% Crude Protein, 2% Crude Fat, 1% Crude Fiber, 82% Moisture

Caloric Content : 80 Kcal/container

Type of Product: Grain-free

Life Stage: Adults

Best for: Chihuahua with grain allergies

This wet dog food is made from natural ingredients free from grains and targets small breeds of all sizes.

Carrots and green beans work together to add to the fiber content, thus promoting digestion. A combination of real meat and organic vegetables and fruits ensures a well-balanced diet.


  • Come in containers that are easy to open hence are convenient
  • No added fillers thus safe for dogs with food allergies and stomach sensitivities
  • High water content for hydration

Zignature Duck Limited Ingredient Formula Grain-Free Canned Dog Food

zignature duck limited ingredient

First 5 ingredients:  Duck, Duck Broth, Duck Meal, Chickpeas, Sun-cured Alfalfa Meal

Key feature: Duck is the first ingredient

Guaranteed Analysis: 8% Crude Protein, 4.5% Crude Fat, 1.2% Crude Fiber, 78% Moisture

Caloric Content: 383 Kcal/can

Type of Product: Limited ingredient recipe, low Glycemic, No  corn, No soy, No wheat

Life Stage: Adults

Best for All dog breeds

Its made with real duck combined with organic fruits and vegetables, this premium food provides wholesome nutrition for your fur baby.

It is hypoallergenic as it contains no potatoes, wheat, or corn. The savory taste that comes with this food will make your dog want more and more.


  • Low-glycemic, thus lowering the risk of diabetes
  • Hypoallergenic hence safe for dogs with food allergies
  • Omega 3 fatty acids give dogs a shiny coat and a lustrous skin
  • High fiber from fruits and vegetables promote bowel health

Royal Canin Chihuahua Puppy Dry Food

royal canin chihuahua

First 5 ingredients: Chicken-By Product Meal, Brewers Rice, Chicken Fat, Corn, Wheat Gluten

Key feature: Specialized Kibble for Chihuahuas

Guaranteed Analysis: 28% Crude Protein, 18% Crude Fat, 4% Crude Fiber, 10% Moisture

Caloric Content:352 Kcal/cup

Type of Product: Digestible Protein and Fiber

Life Stage: Puppies

Best for Chihuahuas, toy breeds, small breeds, extra small breeds

This premium food is crafted with the needs of small breed Chihuahua in mind. It is suitable for all small breeds, including deer heads and fawns from eight weeks to eight months old.

It comes in small kibbles designed for small breeds’  pointed muzzles and small jaws. This meal is also rich in antioxidants and vitamin E that boost the immunity levels of your petite friend. 


  • High fiber content ensures regular bowel movement and reduces the strong stool odors.
  • Rich in antioxidants like vitamin E that lower inflammation 
  • Well designed kibbles that Chihuahuas can easily pick and chew
  • Highly palatable and tasty for picky eaters

Hill’s Science Diet Adult Healthy Mobility Small Bites 

hill's science diet adult

First 5 ingredients: Chicken Meal, Brewers Rice, Whole Grain Sorghum, Brown Rice, Whole Grain Wheat

Key feature: Contains Chondroitin  and Glucosamine for cartilage support

Guaranteed Analysis: 17% Crude Protein, 10% Crude Fat, 3%  Crude Fiber, 10% Moisture

Caloric Content: 359  Kcal/can

Type of Product: 100% Natural

Life Stage: Adults

Best for Chihuahua and Small-sized dogs

This premium kibble is specifically designed to promote healthy joints from birth as it is rich in chondroitin and glucosamine that aid in cartilage support.

In addition, it is rich in calcium for thick bones and muscles. The digestible proteins and fibers promote bowel health and reduce stool odors.


  • Chondroitin and Glucosamine for healthy joints
  • Rich in calcium for heavy bones and muscles 
  • High-quality protein promotes lean muscle growth and development.

Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula Healthy Weight Adult Chicken & Brown Rice Recipe

blue buffalo life protection

First 5 ingredients: Deboned Chicken, Chicken Meal, Brown Rice, Barley, Pea Fiber

Key feature: Quality protein for lean muscles

Guaranteed Analysis: 20% Crude Protein, 9% Crude Fat, 12%  Crude Fiber, 10% Moisture

Caloric Content: 324  Kcal/cup

Type of Product: No soy, No wheat, No corn, Weight control

Life Stage: Adults

Best for: Dogs with sensitive tummies

It has real meat as the main ingredient with vegetables and fruits for maximum nutritional benefits for dogs.

It features quality protein deboned chicken with no extra calories for a healthy weight.


  • Has L-Carnitine and quality protein for lean muscles and lower levels of calories
  • Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids for a lustrous skin and a shiny coat
  • Glucosamine and chondroitin promote mobility and joint health
  • It contains calcium and phosphorus for bone development

Guide to Buying Dog Food For Chihuahuas

Here is our guide to buying the best dog food for Chihuahuas.

Nutritional Requirements of Chihuahuas

Chihuahuas tend to have longer life spans than other dog breeds and are easily affected by age-related diseases like diabetes and arthritis.

As a result, each life stage of Chihuahuas calls for unique nutritional requirements. 

In addition, Chihuahuas are always active and need a lot of energy. The following are the nutritional requirements for Chihuahuas : 

Protein and amino acids

Although Chihuahuas are small breeds, their hyperactivity makes them burn more calories compared to larger breeds.

However, their small stomachs can only accommodate a small amount of food; hence you need to ensure their food is well-balanced.

Proteins contain amino acids, which aid in the growth and maintenance of lean muscles, hair growth, and new cells formation.

Vitamins, Minerals, and Antioxidants

Chihuahuas need lots of vitamins for their overall growth. Vitamin requirements would depend on factors like the age and size of your dog.

The major vitamins essential for Chihuahuas include vitamins  A, B, C, E, and K. 

Dogs need Vitamin A for a shiny coat and lustrous skin, while vitamin B aids in regulating energy and comes in handy for constantly tired dogs. 

On the other hand, vitamin C and E  are responsible for improved immunity levels and bone formation and development.

Vitamin K is essential for blood clotting 

Omega Fatty Acids

Besides vitamins, minerals, and proteins, Chihuahuas also need omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids.

Omega 3 fatty acids are essential during the early stages of life as they are responsible for brain and eye development.

As a result, puppies need lots of omega 3 fatty acids.

Omega 6 fatty acids aid in cell formation and kin health and come from foods like chicken.

Things to Consider When Selecting Dog Food for Chihuahuas

There are a lot of things to consider when buying dog food for Chihuahuas. Below, we will talk more about each one.

High-quality ingredients

Chihuahua’s food should be a combination of 100%  natural and organic ingredients with no artificial additives or preservatives.

Lean protein content

Chihuahuas need lots of quality proteins for lean muscles. The food labels should be specific, having the real type of meat used and not just stating “meat” as an ingredient.

Go for labels having real meat ingredients like chicken, beef, lamb, and salmon, which boost your Chihuahua’s overall growth.

Well-balanced recipe

Your dog food should contain essential nutritional requirements, including proteins, fats, fiber, and moisture for well-rounded development. 

The nutritional information given should meet the requirements of AAFCO

Kibble size

Choose a kibble size that is suitable for the pointed muzzle and small jaws of Chihuahuas. Selecting the right kibble size promotes dental health and lowers the risks of mouth wounds from straining to chew

Fat content

Chihuahuas need low to moderate fats as high-fat content can lead to diseases like pancreatitis.

Look for low to medium fat content foods

Caloric content

To maintain a healthy weight for your dog, go for moderate-calorie foods that will aid in weight management as obese dogs are prone to chronic health problems like cardiovascular diseases.

How Much Should You Feed a Chihuahua?

Feeding a Chihuahua depends on various factors like the life stage, health condition, and weight.

On average, puppies need 325 calories per day, while adults and seniors need 240 and 160 calories.

To avoid the risks of underfeeding or overfeeding your dog, look for the specified feeding instruction and feed your dog according to the instructions.

When introducing a new food, start with small amounts and gradually increase the amounts to the specified amounts.

It is best to consult the vet before changing your dog’s diet to avoid any adverse reactions.

How Much Should You Feed a Chihuahua Puppy?

Chihuahua puppies are small in size hence require frequent small feedings throughout the day.

Most Chihuahua dog food comes in single-serve containers according to the age of your dog.

Puppies generally require around 50 calories per pound.

The following is a guide for feeding puppy Chihuahuas :

Age in MonthsDaily intake
2-44-6 meals
4-63-5 meals
6-83-4 meals
Over 8 2-3 meals

How Much Should You Feed an Adult Chihuahua

The amounts to feed an adult Chihuahua largely depends on the daily calorie requirement, which keeps changing depending on the dog’s physical activity, age, and health condition

The following guides on amounts to serve adult Chihuahuas :

Weight in KgsAmount in Grammes

How Often Should You Feed a Chihuahua?

Puppies require more nutrients for growth compared to adults.

A schedule that ensures feeding four to six times a day is okay for puppies four months and below.

Giving them smaller frequent portions aids in preventing bloating as their stomachs are small. Furthermore, frequent feedings lower the risks of hypoglycemia that results from low blood sugar levels.

You can reduce this proportion as your puppy grows since their growth requirements will keep declining.

Adult Chihuahuas have fewer nutritional requirements compared to puppies as they are fully grown.

Giving your adult Chihuahua 35-45 calories per pound daily is advisable. This translates to ½  to one cup divided into three meals for dogs weighing four to ten pounds.

Health Issues and Dietary Considerations


Chihuahuas are prone to obesity due to their small size. They tend to consume more than their body hence the need for portion control.

A typical healthy weight for mature Chihuahuas is approximately six pounds, and exceeding this results in obesity.

Obesity can be fatal as it can lead to heart problems and high blood pressure.

Give food in small portions and engage your Chihuahua in physical activities to lower the risks of obesity.


Low blood sugar level is common in Chihuahuas as they cannot fully regulate their blood sugar levels because of their small size.

The symptoms include dizziness, drooling, and seizures.

Consult the vet if you notice any of these

Dental problems

Chihuahuas have small mouths hence are prone to tartar and plaque build-up. 

To lower the risk of dental problems, take your dog to the vet regularly and give them hard chews, promoting strong teeth and cleaning the mouth.

Tracheal collapse

This leads to blockage of the airways and can be fatal as it can lead to death.  

Symptoms include difficulty breathing and dilated pupils.

Take your pooch immediately to the vet if you notice the above signs

Food to Avoid Feeding Your Chihuahua 


You should avoid foods that contain caffeine as Chihuahuas are hyper, and adding caffeine to their diet increases the hyperactivity levels.

Hyperactivity results in elevated heart rates in dogs


Chocolate contains theobromine chemical, which is toxic to dogs as they cannot fully break it down.

The darker the chocolate, the higher the levels of theobromine.

Symptom s of chocolate poisoning include excessive urination, increased heart rate, and excessive thirst, 


Most dog food contains chicken as the main ingredient. Chicken bones are risky for dogs as they can easily splinter, thus causing mouth wounds, stomach upsets, and blockage. 

Grapes, cherries, and raisins

These fruits are toxic to Chihuahuas, and the symptoms of poisoning include abdominal pain, dehydration, lack of appetite, and lethargy.

Onions and garlic

They belong to the Allium family[1] and are highly toxic to dogs. They contain a chemical called thiosulphate which damages the red blood cells and can lead to rupture, thus causing anemia.

The symptoms of poisoning include lack of appetite, abdominal pain, depression, and vomiting.

Wild mushroom

Ingestion of wild mushrooms is poisonous to dogs

Some of the symptoms of toxicity are slow heart rate, respiratory problems, jaundice, lethargy, and dehydration.


Below, we will answer the most common questions about feeding Chihuahuas.

How often should I feed my Chihuahua?

Puppies require more nutrients than adults hence the need for frequent feedings.

Feed puppies four to six times daily and reduce gradually. For adults, two to three times daily is okay

Is wet or dry food better for Chihuahuas?

Both are advisable as wet food is hydrating and dry food aid in dental health because Chihuahuas are prone to teeth problems.

Consuming wet food only can cause diarrhea

What food is bad for Chihuahuas?

Foods that are bad for Chihuahuas include chocolate, grapes, wild mushrooms, onions, garlic, bones, cherries, walnuts, macadamia nuts, pecans, leeks, and those that contain xylitol, fillers, artificial preservatives, and caffeine.

Do Chihuahuas need special food?

Yes, most Chihuahuas are picky eaters and need a special diet. 

Their hyperactivity levels call for foods rich in proteins and moderate fats combined with organic fruits and vegetables.

What human foods can Chihuahuas eat?

Human foods that Chihuahuas can safely eat include meat like chicken, salmon, beef, and lamb.

Others are vegetables like pumpkin, cucumbers, beans, and fruits like blueberries, pineapples,  and watermelon.

Our Verdict

Though small in size, Chihuahuas have lots of nutritional requirements.

Different types of food are specifically designed to fit unique needs at every stage of life.

Seniors, adults, and puppies have different nutritional requirements hence different types of food. 

Both dry and wet food is essential for Chihuahuas as they promote dental health and hydrate.

Merrick Limited Ingredient Diet Grain-Free Dry Dog Food is the best overall food for Chihuahuas. It not only aids in the development of lean muscles but also promotes joint health.

Always consult the vet before introducing new food to your Chihuahua’s diet.

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